Guidelines In Choosing Paid Woman Companionship


Today, because of the internet it is becoming more and more easier to get paid woman companionship. There are a number of companies that offer paid woman companionship. This is the reason why it can be a bit difficult to find the best company that offers paid woman companionship. There are certain factors that you need to consider when choosing a company.

Below is your guide in choosing johannesburg escorts that provides woman companionship:

A.Find a reliable company

Choose a website that is reliable. There are a lot of companies in the internet. One way to determine their reliability is through the main advertisements that are posted in their website. If they have the same advertisements on a monthly basis then it is a reliable company. Do not choose a company that post their advertisements daily and not monthly. Daily advertisements are cheaper so it is mostly used by low class companies.


  1. Find an independent company

It is important that you find an independent company. There are escort services that are good since you can determine their consistency from their woman. An independent company will have a booker that provides recommendations that is based on your own taste. The only downside to independent companies is that it is much more expensive.


  1. Lessen your search with the type of woman that you like

There are actually a lot of choices and you can use this to narrow down your search. Some of the categories include, busty, VIP, brunette, mature and many more. You can also choose the physical features, height, age and many more. After you have chosen the type, you will need to put the date of the meet up. To know more about escort services, visit


  1. Setting your budget

After you need to set your budget. Remember that you will get what you payed for. You cannot just spend $200. If this is your budget then you need to save more money. You can actually check the price of each woman on their website. If the girl is not within your price range, then you should find another girl. Do not try to negotiate with the girl. If the price of the girl is not listed on their website, then she is probably expensive. Once you have found a woman that is within your price range, then you should make sure that there are no additional fees once she arrives.

Dating In South Africa

The Dos & Don’ts of Online Dating

Have you ever wondered how it came to be that whenever you surf the internet and look up most dating websites, going under their review section and getting to see testimonies of couples or dates who tell you the happy ending success stories and how easy and stress-free it was for them to hook up via a social dating platform?

Online dating sites have been on the increase in subsequent years with a statistical rate showing the United States having a huge number of internet users searching for soul mates, lovers and acquaintances and this and generally have been caused by the high rate of divorce and failed marriages. Online dating sites differ in several ways, while some are basically meant to get lovers; some others are just to get pen pals while others are just for the sole aim of flirting. With the advent of video and audio calling on various dating sites through their mobile applications, online dating has gotten a new craze embedded into the users.

Below is a list of 10 things you should do and also avoid while on an online dating site. These Do’s and Don’ts Differ depending on the social platform, so I would be making some exclusively for some specific dating site.

1 You should never give a fake profile of yourself. Ever bought a phone with and found out the specifications and review were not actually the same with what you saw online, you are what your profile says and shows, you don’t want to add a wrong location and expect to get friends from a location intended initially so let your profile info be real as you are, dating from your name, gender, discipline and so.

  1. Never release private information. Strangers make up inhabitants of any online dating site. You don’t want to give out personal and private details such as credit card, home phone numbers, house address or personal life issue of one’s self to an alien or total stranger. Sharing such information could lead to harm, being stalked or secretly watched and exploited.
  2. Find the right HOME for yourself. To avoid being embarrassed online or being mocked or become a victim of racism, carefully look for a suitable dating website that suits you, a website like is a multi-racial dating platform, https://www.GAY.COM is strictly meant for homosexuals, lesbians or Bi sexual, is meant for sugar daddies, sugar mommas and sugur babies, is basically meant for the whites although it is not racist site, A Negroid signing up here would not get a very comfy and relaxed. A good example of a dating site that is not gender or sexuality biased is so it is best advised to pick a website that suits you.
  3. Choose a profile photo that suits. ‘’Do you do phone sex?” “Can I get your nudes”? YUCK! No decent person loves such comments or posts targeted at them. The study shows that the first words you get from a guy to a girl are judged from impressions gotten from your profile photo. Your profile photo is like a representation of the physical you if you don’t want such slimy chats from any girl or guy, it is advisable to use a very modest picture that you know depicts you in real life, avoid excess filters on a photo that leaves different YOU on different Pictures of the same you..i hope you understand?
  4. Avoid excess flirting. Flirting is a big tool in the dating world, it makes you both engaged, it adds spices and lights up a conversation, thereby stirring emotions of both partners. When flirting isn’t handled or is done in excess, it can lead to complications. A ‘’single’’ flirting with a ‘’married” would suddenly in no time lead to extra-marital affairs. It seldom leads to explicit activities and introduction of vulgar contents. Flirting should only be used as a tool to make one look attractive and appealing.
  5. Meetings should be done at public places: You want to meet that new stranger; you want to put on that lovely dress or that suit. Those things are really necessary since you want to look your best but have you considered the location of the date? Yeah, safety first!

Pick a safe place which is situated in an open area. Night dates are romantic but should also be done in public places, maybe a restaurant, a casino, an eatery, a club or even a cinema.

Hint- Do not leave home for a date without telling a person before leaving and also make the location of the place known to someone.

7 Be smart: You are on an online dating site for a reason. Go for your aim and avoid distractions. There are many men and women out there who want to just your time and are just there to partnered with Mensa, an IQ test score sheet for matching up smart people together. You can agree smart people are sexy and wanting

  1. Beware of scam: With the increase of fraudsters on the internet, one has to be extra careful. Well for you not to be a victim to internet fraudsters who are rampant on dating sites with intentions to extort money from victims, you need to avoid some simple things like telling them about your financial buoyancy, profession and properties at first instance. They are very quick to know such things from you. So be vigilant
  2. Do not stay too long online: You just met this man or this lady and you’re head over heels. I’m sure you don’t want to wait for a fairytale prince charming or Cinderella in vain. Request to meet your partner after few months of online dating just might never know, he might turn out to be fake.

10.Always trust your sixth sense: Lastly, trust your instincts and feelings towards anyone you meet on a dating site…The first impression lasts longer, it might not be totally true but there is an iota of real facts behind them.

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